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Restaurant Reviews

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In Denver visiting my son Kyle, and decided on this place, because it was close to the area we wanted to visit during our stay. First off, the pizza was really really good.

Village Pizza

I did not get a picture of this pizza unfortunately, I was too excited to dig in.

Johnnies Beef

My favorite sandwich in the world is an Italian Beef. I've had a few in Georgia, but they are average at best.

Mr Beef and Pizza

I recently connected with an old friend, Jeff S and he suggested I do more restaurant reviews in the Chicago area and even called out Mr Beef's

MIllers Ale House

This place just opened on Chastain/75 where the old California dreaming used to be. I've been to one in Florida before, but that was years ago

Holeman and Finch at the Battery

We were headed to the Braves Cubs game with our good friends Bob and Deb, and stopped into Garden and Gun club for happy hour drinks.


Ok, this isn't fine dining, but I'm from Chicago and miss my Chicago food. Chicago Dogs, Italian beef, deep dish pizza, and also Chicago Thin Crust.

Lazy Betty

Ok, this is not your everyday food and not your everyday prices (at least for me). That said, it is everything it claims to be and more.

Porch Light Latin Kitchen

Very much enjoyed the whole experience. We went with another couple and decided to order a bunch of different items and share.